Rewrite Workshop

In connection with the DesignInquiry residency, Rewrite, Peter Hall and I conducted two workshops focused on themes of crossing out, erasure, and the palimpsest at the Maine College of Art and the University of Connecticut Graphic Design program. 
Student outcomes from the University of Connecticut workshop were included in the publication On Crossing Out.

Maine College of Art
Students were asked to “rewrite” a past project. Perhaps one that hadn’t lived up to expectations or one that had gone incredibly well, but which they wanted to reinterpret.

University of Connecticut Graphic Design
Students were asked to read Thomas de Quincey’s essay on the palimpsest, select a passage from it or from another relevant source. That material would be the basis for a visual study of the concept of the palimpsest — something that is reused or altered but still bears visible traces of its earlier form. The work also needed to be installed and consider how the chosen site for display reflects the inherent concepts.