F3QHQ (Full-Three Quarter-Half-Quarter)  evolved from a type design brief utilizing a simple prescribed grid. When I broke the grid down into its 5 parts a generative system was discovered. I have developed a series of tools with which to create type based on the fundamental units from the grid, but have also transformed the system into a general composition tool. 

A system of magnets of the grid units was created to provide a quick and easy method to assemble typefaces, which revealed the breadth of the system to create more than type.  
Led by Steve Bowden, and made possible with the expertise of Peter Evonuk and David Wolfe of Wolfe Editions in Portland, Maine, we developed a set of lead type made from the five units of the grid. Peter made brass matrices and cast the lead type.

The units have also been laser engraved in birch with alternative pattern variations.