Best E: The Practice, Pedagogy and Activism of Edvin Yegir

Edvin Yegir was my friend and colleague for over twelve years. We developed design pedagogy in Art & Art History at the University of Connecticut. His sudden death in 2021 was heartbreaking. Along with friend and former colleague, Randall Hoyt, we made a sculpture of the letter “E” that was installed at the site of Edvin’s accident. I made small acrylic reproductions of the site sculpture for those in attendance at Edvin’s memorial. In 2022, I designed the exhibition Best E: The Practice, Pegagogy and Activism of Edvin Yegir in collaboration with Emily Larned and Celia Poirier.

Graphic Design Alumni were invited to design a newsprint broadside for Edvin’s exhibition which were displayed on small palettes for take-away. Alumni submissions came from Jenna Simmons, Rachel Sarnie, Justine Braisted, Celia Poirier, Kellie Pcolar, Holly Turner.