Acquiring Taste

Acquiring Taste is an exhibition of contemporary art, music, and some unexpected objects selected from the collections of Janice and Mickey Cartin, Robinson and Nancy Grover, Peter Hirschl and Lisa Silvestri, and Sol and Carol LeWitt. These collectors, in different ways, play notable roles in contemporary art (and music) through their activities as collectors. In addition to the exhibition catalog, I designed the website and exhibition graphics with Randall Hoyt.
The catalog’s premise was simple. As the exhibition’s title implied “acquiring” is an ongoing activity. In order to best illustrate that activity, displaying the entire databases of the collectors was necessary. The catalog gathers in one place a list of the entire collections of each collector. The text throughout was printed in a tinted varnish, except for any object that was included in the exhibition — for those items an image was included if available, and/or the text of the entry was printed in black ink.