Poster, performed

A critical and artistic study of the creation of computer algorithms to impart autonomy in a collaborative and generative process. The project builds on the work of past chance artists and the conditional design method — where active audience participation is key — and investigates the use of digital technology, artificial intelligence, and experimental print processes in creating such works of art. The project is a collaboration between Steve Bowden, Wylie Kasai, Arzu Ozkal, Tricia Treacy, and Mark Zurolo

Poster, performed debuted at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in Los Angeles, California in 2023. 

This project was made possible by an Arts-Integration Research Project Grant from the Hopkins Center for the Arts, a Design Initiative Project Grant from Dartmouth College and a School of Fine Arts Research Grant from the University of Connecticut. Red River Paper generously donated paper for the 2023 event.
Outputs were bound into unique, one-of-one editions following the installation.