Counting on Chance: 25 Years of Artist’s Books

Published in connection with the exhibition of the same name at Wesleyan University of 25 years of work by artist and publisher Robin Price. Counting on Chance features an essay by independent book-art historian Betty Bright, an interview with Robin Price by Suzy Taraba, and a complete list by Rutherford W. Witthus of Price's works from 1984 into early 2010.  

The covers for Counting on chance were generated solely on press using three of the four process color printing plates (cyan, magenta, and yellow) from the interior of the book, via a method used mostly for preparing the press for printing called "make-ready." By overprinting color, areas of image are built up on the paper by repeatedly passing the sheets through the press. In the true spirit of 'chance' the exact image of the cover was generated at random. Instructions to consistently rotate some of the sheets prior to feeding them into the press ensured variation within the edition.